Saturday, December 18, 2010


Watched Sasikumar directed 'Easan' yesterday. First day first show. I admired Sasikumar's previous ventures Subramaniyapuram, Pasanga and Nadodigal. He impressed me in all the roles that he stepped in to... director, producer and actor. Even in subramaniyapuram, i liked his acting too. I have a great respect for Sasikumar and his team with full of talented persons like Samuthirakani, Kathir, James Vasanth and sure few more to follow behind the scenes. If you had watched recent award functions, you would have easily seen them coming in big group and taking away most number of awards. With all this background, surely Easan is one of the movie to get released with so much of expectation. But since higher expectations lead to higher disappointment, I made it a point to watch Easan with no expectation. Even though my inner feeling was that Sasikumar would surely live up to the expectation. But then did he? No, he disappoints this time.

What is the plot of the movie? A.L.Alagappan is a powerful minister and his son Vaibhav is a jolly-go person who goes on for partying all nights and spend time with his rich friends. Vaibhav uses his father political power to come out of the troubles that he and his friends had faced as a consequences of drinks and drugs. At this point, Vaibhav get impressed with a girl(new comer Abarna) and falls in love. After he saves her from an odd situation, as a rule in tamil cinema, she has no other option to love him. Opposition rises from both parents side. But Alagappan later gives green signal and also convince the girl's side to take advantage of her father's multi-million business and richness. At this very point, Vaibhav is kidnapped and his friend is also admitted to the hospital due to an accident. Police officer Samuthirakani comes in to investigate Vaibhav disappearance. When his investigation unfolds, we come to know that a boy named 'Easan' is behind the kidnap of Vaibhav. Easan is also the reason for the accident and death of Vaibhav's friend in hospital. Why is he doing all these? Flashback gives the answer that he wanted to take revenge of the persons who are behind her sister (Abinaya) and father's death. At the end, police officer Samuthirakani save Easan from minister and also take care of him. The end!

Very clearly, the basic plot of the movie is very old... a revenge story! We have to admit that no stories in the present day cinema is completely new.. most of the recent successful cinema also have got the same old story lines but the fresh presentation and kind of making is what made them to succeed (for example, Mynaa). But Sasikumar fails to do that in Easan. In very few portions, we can see the brilliance of Sasikumar especially the first 20 minutes of second half. But that is not enough to make the full movie work. The first half of the movie is tedious with artificialness clouding into each and every frames. First half lacks flow of perfect screenplay as there is no continuation in the scenes. A.L.Alagappan in the role of minister is complete disaster. I cannot tolerate his acting and particularly the body language. He is so artificial. His casting is one of the biggest letdown. Sasikumar has done a big mistake by casting him for that powerful role. Vaibhav, abinaya and small boy (abhinaya brother) have given a noteworthy performance. The person who comes as an assistant (comedy politician in Nadodigal) to Alagappan is also good. Cinematography of Kathir is good. Music by James vasanthan is ok and few songs are hummable. Re-recording is ordinary, nothing much to say.

In his attempt to showcase the urban life of chennai, Sasikumar missed out completely as he dealt the matter in a very lighter way which we are very familiar with in so many movies. He should have explored and projected the darker side of chennai to the core. He had the scope but missed to utilize on it fully.

To conclude, Easan doesnt fit into any format of cinema... neither commercial nor classic or serious kinda cinema. thats its major drawback. Sasikumar has failed to communicate effectively with the audience in what he really wanted to convey through this movie.

Verdict- Disappointing!


  1. amen. I too felt that casting of A.L. Azhagappan is bad decision made by Sasikumar. In all the posters Azhagappan's casting is acceptable. But In most of the scenes he dont how to react and which type of body language should be used. "How sasikumar got convinced with this performance" is still a big question to me.

    Apart from the casting the major story line sucks. Story line is not travelling on any of the character in the movie. This disadvantage keep the audience very far away from the movie.

    nice review. all the best dear:)

  2. Philip nice to know that u started blogging.As I am poor in English I cannot comment on your writing style and all. I can read and understand. But I congratulate you for your efforts. All the best.

  3. @ Jayaprakashvel, Thank you for your comment and encouraging words anna.

  4. @ Nalini Shankar, i know this movie wont impress you naa.