Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2G Scam & Political fixtures

2G spectrum scam is undoubtedly the ultimate focus right now in all sectors of our country. Be it politics or law or media or people... all r talking about this. As far as media is concerned, biased projection of news and reports are clearly observed in regional daily newspapers, magazines and channels especially in tamilnadu. But it is highly appreciable that the national channels like NDTV, IBNLive, Headlines Today are neutral in this issue atleast upto this point of time. How about law and order? I am glad to see the way things shaping up and its really very encouraging from a common man view. Supreme court has acted sensibly and following its hard hitting comments, CBI also has finally started to probe the issue with raids and questioning of concerned persons involved in it. Not to mention, its a big shame on CBI for taking no actions towards the investigation of 2g issue for nearly one year even after a case was filed on it. Atleast by now, it is good to see them moving ahead in a right direction. But then, how far and up to what extend? That we need to wait and watch. (CBI promised to submit final report on 2G to apex court by February end)

Coming to the bottomline of this article, how 2G scam is handled in political grounds? let us have a glance of it. First, let me start with ruling congress party and so the central government. We are very unfortunate to have a prime minister who turned himself like a "Deaf and Dumb" when the whole nation is concerned about it. He didnt make a single statement even though he was personally questioned on this 2g scam. He didnt speak a single word. Now after the complete logjam of entire winter parl session, he announces that he is ready to appear before Public Account Committee (PAC) for questioning. "What are you upto Mr.P.M? What made you to keep your mouth shut for such a long time when the whole nation is expecting you to speak. You are the most ineligible person to be a leader of a nation! Dont be a slave to someone in the role of a leader". Shame on peoples who praise his dignity... he is such a disgrace to P.M position.

I can firmly say that Sonia and her congress party avoided the developments in the investigations of 2G scam right from the beginning merely for their political advantages. They were ready to hide this whole issue just for the sake to benefit from the coalition support that they enjoyed with DMK. Mr.Rahul Gandhi, who project himself as a new age politician is no exception to dirty politics. He went vanished with no trace of his news right from the day spectrum issue started. And you know what, today he has commented on the price hike of onions... Oh my god! Where was he when the whole parl session was washed out? Where was he when the opposition parties are strongly demanding for JPC? Representing him as the youth icon of congress party, he is bound to express his view and parties stand on this whole issue right from the start. but he is yet to make a word on 2g. "Why are you silent Mr.Rahul? Whats stopping you? Is that the dirty political basics?". Sonia herself is one of the suspect on 2G issue. Is that along with the alliance factor (dmk supporet) is the reason for your long drawn silence and refusal of JPC demand? Suprisingly, congress claims that they have acted against corruption by taking immediate actions in case of adarsh and shashi tharoor issue. When they are immediate enough to take actions in this cases, then "what stopped them from immediate actions against Raja when spectrum issue came out? nearly for one year there were no actions. Why is that so?". To make it simple, congress cleverly took the powerful masterstroke tool 'silence' to handle 2G scam. A kind request to congress, you have been accused for many issues... answer for it from your stand. dont play blaming back games... please stop blaming BJP... dont try to teach them to introspect. You need to introspect yourself lot more. its not about BJP... its about people. You rule the nation now. Think of people and act responsibly!

BJP really seem to have a double standard on corruption. When they claimed the immediate resignation of A.Raja after the release of CAG report, what are they waiting for in the case of Yeddyurappa's corruption in karnataka. This seriously makes a big letdown in BJP's position to question the government for its inaction in spectrum scam. But ruling government simply cannot blame back BJP and escape itself from JPC demand as the opposition party is not BJP alone. JPC is a demand of all parties which combinely form the opposition... communist parties, aiadmk and few more. Whats the answer of ruling government to communist party's demand for JPC? However, its shocking to see left communist parties are not showing keen involvement in their demand for JPC even though they still insist on it. Its hard to see press statements of senior communist leaders like Seetharam Yechury or Prakash Karat on JPC demand. Now and then they express that they still stand by JPC demand. But thats surely not enough to put pressure on ruling government and that too a government led by cunning congress.

Whats the stand of AIADMK? Its very interesting! purely a 100% political stand!! AIADMK is completely against DMK in this case and they want the investigations to go deep into karunanidhi family... when thats get done, they wont care for the further probe of this issue even a single percent. They only wish that DMK persons whoever related to the 2g corruption should be spotted and arrested, so that they can take political advantage out of it in upcoming assembly eletion. To make it simple, what they want in this issue is not that all guilty should be punished... its only that DMK guilty should be punished. AIADMK leaders are clearly showing a soft corner for congress in their recent interviews in view of the possibility to make alliance with them in case of any rift between DMK and congress as a consequence of 2G probe. What i mean here is even if AIADMK get the most reliable evidence and source to prove that congress party people are involved in 2G, they surely wont expose it to people right now. They will wait till the election! Now I hope you can understand whats my point is.

I have no words to say about DMK party and its leaders. I cannot find any words to express how dirty DMK leader Karunanidhi and his whole political family in this issue right from Radia tapes to till now. Karunanidhi is a poison. In my view, no other political party in this world could be as dirty as DMK.

To conclude, almost all these parties are only keen on their political interests and advantages one way or the other.. after all they do politics. Now what about us... we the people? We had to face all these bitter facts whether u r against it or not..... whether u like it or not. Its simply our fate and dont forget that we are the ones who are responsible for that too.

Atleast, let us make a change in the coming days.

Think and Vote!


  1. Hats off to u Philip... I have gone through many articles about the recent 2G scam, but this article is based on an analysis from a different dimension.

    I would like to make two comments here: First one is on the status of communist. I have no knowledge on the status of the communist leaders in the center. But in Tamilnadu, the communist leaders dont have anything to talk about. They already have alliance with "ADMK" lead by the queen of corruption. If ADMK gets support from congress, they wont hesitate to join DMK, forgetting (and hiding the 2G scam). They want to survive in TN with two or three assembly seats and they are always ready to throw away all their policies. How do u expect communist leaders to act strong in this scam?

    My second comment is that u missed to talk about one key person 'Subramaniyam Swamy'. He is another culprit who supports the dignity of our PM. Infact he wants to save the congress from this issue and to blame the DMK alone. His ultimate aim is to bring ADMK-Congress alliance for TN election.

    I like very much ur agruement that congress has to answer the public and not the BJP. But dont expect any answer or action from them.

    As u said, people we have to react...

  2. Nice Commentary and over all view about the Current situation. But you should not have used the words "Deaf and Dumb" against our Prime Minister. It is unparliamentary (Word was coined long long ago. not now!) word. Anyway good work. Continue your efforts.

  3. @ Senthil anna, Thank you for ur comment. Its true that subramaniyam swamy is also praising prime minister. but i dont think he is favoring cogress by making efforts to save them from this issue. becoz he is the one who says nearly 60% of 2g scam money belongs to sonia and her sisters. in that sense, he is really against sonia very much. may be personally he likes manmohan singh.

    Reg communists there wont be a greater crime to do for left parties if they join hand with dmk in upcoming elections. till this moment they are blaming dmk to the core. if admk and congress makes alliance, surely it will be interesting to see how left parties react. let us wait and see!

    Thanks for sparing your time naa.

  4. @ Guruprasad, I dont get u clear whether u r against the words "deaf and dumb" since it was changed to differently abled persons or r u against use of words to prime minister. in the former case, i agree with u the words might have been avoided, sorry. but in later case, i stick to my words even though it refers our prime minister. i simply meant that he didnt hear nation voice and didnt speak for nation expectation. nothing like i speak bad of differently abled people. Thank you guruprasad for ur comments.