Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Supreme Court- A new hope?

First and foremost, I convey that I am very very new to politics, judiciary and even the day to day current affairs. In recent days, I somehow got myself attracted to the current affairs happening in our country... thanks to 2g scam. Before going into how this issue is related to my present topic, I would like to say few words. I really feel bad now when I think of my political knowledge in the past. I almost don't care about what was happening around me... ofcourse, movie and sports news are exceptions. Very rarely I go thorugh the political and current affairs news in the newspaper or magazines or television or whatsoever in the name of media. I do realize now that its very important for every citizen and particularly young india to have a good knowledge on whats happening in the political grounds of our India. I must also confess that in past too, I looked into the current affairs in media but only when something big makes the news like 26/11 mumbai terror attack or tamilians war in srilanka. Then with the time, my interest falls gradually. But this time, I feel myself different. I have realized the vital importance of the awareness of current affairs and politics even though when we are not directly involved in it. I believe that in all the coming days, my new found interest in knowing the facts happening around me in all aspects remain intact.

As I said in the beginning, 2G scam is onething which I am following right from the CAG report claiming loss of Rs.1,76,000 crores for the country (if you have asked me what is CAG or JPC before one month, I might have wondered wht is that... only that much minimal is my knowledge outside movies before). Within this one month or so, following this scam, there is so much to learn from the kind of attitude our politicians have, political games they play, tricks n words they do and speak for their justification... and the list goes on and on. To make it simple, i learnt so much on our political system even in this short term. Not to mention, my learning continues day by day.... As many of us, I am very much frustated with the ruling government adamant stand on refusing the acceptance of JPC demand. I don't want to discuss the dirty role of ruling party in the complete washout of winter session of parliament. Frustation apart, I see a good point to feel happy and secured in this so-called huge 2g scam.

What I am refering as good factor to see for in this 2g issue is our Supreme Court. Again as a beginner, I don't have any idea on how supreme court worked earlier and how it handled the major crisis issues in the past. But from the time I am following the present 2g issue, I am very happy to see the way supreme court act despite the fact that the present issue is against the ruling party. Great to see the reputed organizations like CBI and even big persons (political position wise) like PM and others being questioned by supreme court for their inefficient actions and irresponsible approach. In my view, supreme court statements played a key role in urging the CBI to make investigations on A.Raja and his team who were major part of the issue. Even though it is widely said that raids carried on A.Raja is only for eye wash, I do strongly believe that the hard hitting statements on CBI slow and inadequate actions by supreme court is a prime reason. Thanks to the judges panel who are probing into this. It gives immense courage to common people like us that some justice can be drawn in front of the law. Having said that, I am very eager to know how supreme court judge panel going to handle this issue further. As millions of citizens, I am waiting for the right action and right justice.

Note: The reason for the question mark (supreme court- a new hope?) in the topic of this post is mainly because I am unaware of the past history. I am not aware whether supreme court acted genuinely and gave right justice on big issues like 2g. If I am wrong, I will be happy to be corrected. Please share your comments. Being a beginner in both writing and politics, your comments will be of great help to share my thoughts effectively in coming days. Thank you for sparing your time :-)

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  1. My best wishes philip for started blogging. Significant debut. At least this 2g scam has made a belief to the common men that judiciary is somewhat hopeful among the 4 pillars of our government constitution. Still I am wondering the power of our Supreme Court and questions raised against our PM. Only very few judges like Mr.Sanghvi and Mr.Ganguly are acting stubbornly. We need more like them. Definitely they are our hope. But this may also be a drama by the ruling party to retain the reliability of the democracy among the common men!