Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Traffic- Malayalam movie review

Luckily i came to know about this malayalam movie when i was browsing through sify website. Attracted by the positive comments from both critics and also the viewers, i decided to go to this movie at the cost of my plan to watch a tamil movie. I had no idea of what this movie is all about as i always prefer to skip the storyline when i read the reviews. But after watching this Traffic movie, i was so satisfied and overjoyed for making the decision to go ahead with this excellent flick.

Traffic is not at all a normal stuff. The storyline is inspired by a true incident that happened on chennai few months back. But kudos to the screenplay adopted by the director Rajesh Pillai in delivering the true incident with such a cinematic touch with emotions bound edge of the seat thrilling moments. Director excels in merging the fast tracked storyline with valuable emotions through out the movie providing the way for essential speed breakers. Basically the movie revolves around eight main characters and an incident that take place on September 16th which eventually brings all of them involved in one way or other. What is that incident... What connects the eight characters... forms the main plot.

Traffic is a must watch for all cinema lovers beyond the language barrier. Even though I dont know malayalam, i enjoyed this movie as good as a malayalam fan. Hat off to director, actors, technical team especially music director and entire crew for coming up with this awesome entertainer.

Verdict- Go for it!

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